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WSTBZ Consulting Limited (WSTBZ) is an Information Technology and Business Services Consulting firm that provides services in project management, IT consulting and data analytics, service procurement, operations consulting, process design/automation, audit, compliance and capabilities development. The company was founded in July of 2012 in Kingston, Jamaica.

At its nucleus, WSTBZ Consulting Limited is able to:

  • Deliver strategies and processes that build value. We work with our clients to link business strategies to operational realities, helping them to adjust with agility, innovate with clarity, and grow with risk mitigated or controlled proactively.
  • Deliver the right technology to meet business objectives. Our knowledge and experience allows us to understand what works, who to work with and how to make initiatives work for our clients.

  • Enrich the Project Engagement Process. We do not see project management as just another problem-solving exercise — an approach that typically yields short-term gains. Our approach is more holistic, focusing on core objectives, value and strategic alignment.

  • Remain dedicated to our clients’ success. We start by listening, and then rely on our experience, innovation and commitment to satisfy the particular needs of every client.

As a knowledge-driven organization, WSTBZ works with its clients to overcome major business and operational challenges by using strategies and techniques that refocus attention to the core of problems or opportunities. This approach has been used to successfully implement large, cross-functional projects, complete complex audit and compliance reviews, redesign critical business processes and undertake remedial operational training. The company enhances overall project delivery and business services implementations by creatively using available resources and specialized tools to enrich design and execution. WSTBZ regards itself as being different in terms of the quality of its service delivery and the approach it uses to deliver these services.