About Us

WSTBZ uses its knowledge of the market place and players to ensure that it can perform the role of trusted partner. In this regard, WSTBZ pursues strategic alliances with leading innovators, suppliers and resellers where such partnerships provide the assurance of delivering quality business solutions to its clients. Our current partners are thought leaders in their respective fields with a number of testimonials and patents.


Newgen Software

WSTBZ works with world-class partners to assist clients improve business effectiveness and operational efficiency. One such partner is Newgen Software. Newgen is a leading innovator in Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Customer Communication Management (CCM), with a global footprint of 850 installations in over 40 countries.

Newgen solutions create end-to-end automation for business processes and streamline activities such as Account Opening, FATCA compliance, Employee Onboarding, Loan Origination, Member Onboarding, Invoice Processing, Requisition Processing, and a number of other customer- or document-driven processes. The result being unified work flows to support business needs. Some of the business benefits achieved by customers who have used Newgen’s Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) include:

  • Reduced Turn Around Time (TAT)
  • Quick ROI
  • Enhanced Workforce Productivity
  • Scaled Up Operations
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Compliance



WSTBZ Consulting Limited has partnered with MedEquality to deliver proven predictive analytics (data analytics) services to companies that are seeking to provide more insightful and actionable answers to their most common questions as well as more future-looking answers and recommendations to questions that cannot be addressed at all by business intelligence.

Predictive analytics builds analytic models at the lowest levels of the business—at the individual customer, product, campaign, store, and device levels—and looks for predictable behaviours, propensities, and business rules that can be used to predict the likelihood of certain behaviours and actions.

Though adept at executing the traditional approach to data analytics, and boasting numerous successful implementations, MedEquality has placed equal, if not greater focus on the non-traditional approach of using predictive analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) MedEquality now has several AI patents and has created a behavioural mathematical model to predict behaviour in almost any area of business.


CashLink Global Systems

CashLink Global Systems Pvt. Ltd. (CGS), the Hardware/Software & Services arm of HMA Group was established in 2004 with the key objective of “Bringing a more Automated Approach to Retail Banking, through its specialized retail delivery products, concepts and services”. CGS has enabled aggressive retail advancements through its innovative, cost-effective, competent concepts.

Leveraging on the HMA Group’s 25 years of domain knowledge in giving state-of-the-art retail banking products & services, CGS pioneers in offering the retail banking sector, a customized suite of robust products & technology ranging from Teller Automation, Self Service Terminals to Multi-vendor Support Services & Consumables Supply.

CGS, with its strong marketing network in the financial hub of India, Mumbai, and headquarters in Chennai,serves customers in over 650 towns and cities all over India and is also a dominant player in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.