With programme and project managers constantly chasing deliverables and deadlines, organizations often fail to identify root issues, keep track of project objectives or adhere to best practices during project development and execution. This situation is more pronounced when remotely located offices, offshore teams and external vendors/service-providers are involved. In such instances, governance requires more precise handling. WSTBZ Consulting Limited defines, optimizes and manages such relationships with the core objective of aligning out-of-sync constituents into perfectly harmonized contributors.

In today’s business environment where competition, cost concerns and onerous compliance requirements are dominant features, WSTBZ Consulting Limited brings order to project execution and service delivery by encouraging internal stakeholders to concentrate on business objectives and priorities. With stakeholders re-focused on core matters, WSTBZ uses its own tools to maintain a watch on project scope shifts and task omissions for corrections.

WSTBZ helps clients overcome gaps in their existing project services by identifying leakages of authority, time and project resources. This might result in adjustments to the PM tools employed. In addition, the company recommends strict observation of value-assured project management activities such as:

  • Conducting periodic progress review and course correction
  • Employing budget control milestones throughout project lifecycle
  • Defining quality, setting targets and measuring
  • Managing project risks
  • Providing performance-related feedback
  • Employing proven Change Management practices
  • Managing resources
  • Acknowledging milestones and performing health assessments