About Us

WSTBZ Consulting understands the Caribbean financial services environment and the adjustments currently taking place in this area. Past engagements in this industry have involved redefining, prioritizing and improving core banking systems and processes, design, build and rollout electronic financial services, implementing integrated software applications, business process re-engineering, IT and technology service management, operations management, business mergers, and consolidation of systems and applications to create optimized operating frameworks. Our experience in the “fintech” industry spans more than thirty (30) years, working through various changes in operating models and technological developments.

Today, the world is on the verge of the fourth industrial revolution, with a myriad of interconnected products, digitization, value chains and business models, emerging as game changers. WSTBZ believes that unlike previous attempts, innovators will succeed in forcing industries to make radical changes. In collaboration with its digitization and data analytics partners, WSTBZ is strategically placed to help clients engineer and provide better products, services and business processes in response to the aforementioned changes.