About Us

WSTBZ acknowledges that change is inevitable and that transformative change, an imperative in today’s technology-influenced world, will continue to confront and disrupt businesses. The company has available qualified resources to conceptualize and design innovative solutions to help clients evolve and avoid business stagnation or competitor surges. Whether pursuing technological enhancements, business transformation or restructuring, WSTBZ provides the required support to assess, design, develop, realign and implement processes, systems and capabilities that ensure successful, future-proofed outcomes. Essentially, the company immerses itself in the change as trusted advisor.

WSTBZ Consulting Limited has IT industry experts who have spearheaded successful business transformations in a number of major companies and sectors, including Financial Services, Manufacturing and Information Technology. From overhauling enterprise IT systems and infrastructure to making business and technology solutions accessible to employees, WSTBZ brings a systematic approach to optimizing internal IT services and business processes that ultimately leads to improvements in customer experience. By linking project execution to IT governance, WSTBZ ensures the incorporation of risk and value assessments during the design and build phases of IT and business solutions.

WSTBZ can adapt to different project scales comprising a multiplicity of resource/stakeholder mixes and process challenges, and provide solutions that are appropriately calibrated and markedly robust. In this connection, the company can work as:

  • Collaborator
  • Point of customer engagement
  • Confidential advisor
  • Industry expert
  • Business intelligence/foresight provider
  • Legacy problem solver

WSTBZ offers project and business services solutions that are scalable and resilient. In addition, the company employs a combination of proven methods and creative overlays that ensure that organizations continue to operate their businesses at satisfactory levels while undergoing strategic or operational changes.